CEO’s message

The Company promises tomorrow with its sincerity and passion!

Our insatiable creation and innovative technologies will bring us to the winner’s place in the global market.
I believe that there is no only one answer existing like ‘eternal truth’ in this industrial society.
If there is the unchangeable truth it would be the proposition saying “Everything changes” in this industrial society.
The various needs that arise from rapid growth, expansion, and development of the industrial structure have become a new challenge for us.
At this, we keep striving to challenge new technologies to complete them by learning and mastering them with our organization and individual passion to meet the needs that keeps changing.

No matter how good vision and goal a company sets up in how good environment which has technical manpower and infrastructure to support them, if there is no enthusiasm to challenge and overcome,
it is impossible to achieve the goal.
The reason is that companies would move forward and develop by solving the problems whenever and wherever they can face regardless how many and how big problems are.
And, What I believe is that the power of source to solve those problems comes from Challenges and Enthusiasm.

We, TO21COMMS, will keep challenging the creative and innovative technologies and completing them to create new markets for the changing needs by creating necessary and sufficient conditions in the market. And we keep developing our company healthier to take a responsibility for the technologies in the 21st century securing the competitiveness in the global market through select and concentration strategy suited us with our continuous challenge and innovation.

Thank you.
Ryu, Byong-Chul The CEO of TO21COMMS Co., Ltd